Wedding Videographer in Charleston, SC

Charleston is hands down one of our favorite places for weddings in the world. It seems like everywhere you look there’s beauty and history. From the historic churches and houses in the old downtown area┬áto the sprawling plantations on the outskirts of town, Charleston is magical for weddings. The great thing about a wedding film in Charleston, SC is most of the time it’s accompanied by an amazing story. People travel from all over the world to our back yard to get married. The stories that follow those couples should be told. Did they meet in school? Were they fixed up by their best friends? Childhood sweethearts? We’ve been involved with weddings in Charleston for many years and find that sometimes the wedding party and all of the guests are from out of town. It’s great to see how people that are coming to Charleston for the first time view this beautiful, magical, historic place. I’m linking two of our weddings from this year to illustrate how amazing it can be when you combine a good story with a beautiful setting. We love this place and firmly believe if you’re going to choose to get married in Charleston, your wedding story should be well told. That’s why we’re here. It’s what we do. Enjoy these Wedding Videos from Charleston, SC and let us know if you’d like to talk about having us tell your story.