How to post your video for maximum exposure. (An almost comprehensive guide to sharing video online. )

You finally took the plunge and got us to make a video telling your story. That’s so awesome. Now, what do you do with it? Video exposure is not that hard if you know a few fundamental things.

You may be a modern media expert, but I’ve seen the way our clients’ videos have been shared over the years. Some are very effective and some get very little reach. Here are some best practices that we use to maximize the presence that your video has online.

Spirit Communications park on opening night

Spirit Communications Park on Opening Night



No matter your business model or format of your non-profit, there can be a function for your video on facebook. It has the highest user base of any of the social media platforms and it’s easy to reach viral status through sharing. It is designed as a social platform so the idea has to be “look at this cool thing we did…” People don’t want to share your advertising unless it’s just amazing. But they’ll share something with a story, or something relating to them. The best thing to help you on facebook is for a “tastemaker” to share your video. We all have connections that, no matter what they share, just always get amazing reach. If you can ask them to share your video, and it has the right kind of content, it can absolutely blow up. Here are the steps.

#1 Upload a high resolution (preferably at least 720p) directly to your facebook page.

#2 Set the location and tag anyone who’s associated with the video. Especially tag anyone who’s in it. Make sure the description has a nice statement of what you want them to do (share, click, comment, etc) and set a compelling thumbnail. Extra points for a custom thumbnail with text…

free times

#4 Email, message, call, or text everyone involved in the video and ask them to share it.

#5 It’s worth a boost whenever organic reach slows down

#6 Once the organic and boost is over, you should have enough views to create a custom audience and that’s where the real power of facebook kicks in. But that’s for another post.  

The biggest factor in a video’s exposure on facebook is sharing. Videos with 2 or 3 shares may reach 1200 people where videos with 50+ shares can reach 10k and over. Sharing really should be the ultimate goal.



Frankly, I haven’t had a lot of success on YouTube with my channel. It’s not the kind of thing that YouTube loves. I have several clients that have had massive success on YouTube because of their built-in audience. Here are some tips on YouTube success. (and forgive me if this is well-worn material)

YouTube is all about the audience. People are browsing by topic, so titling is so important. If you have a product that people are very interested in, or if you’re a musician with a following, people will just search for you and you need to be easily found. One great example that I’ve seen is PSA (Palmetto State Armory)

Palmetto State Armory video featuring their AR-15

We did a video for PSA several years ago featuring a stress test on their PA-15 rifle. We dragged it through the mud, blew it up, dropped it in water and it still performed. They posted it to their channel and now they’ve got 202k views of that video. This has very little to do with how great the video is, or how they tagged it, or any marketing tricks. It’s simply a case of them producing a video that their audience wanted to see. And that’s the best use of YouTube for clients. Produce a video your audience wants to see and your exposure is guaranteed.

Another great use of YouTube is for SEO. Google owns YouTube and weighs content very heavily towards SEO ranking. As my good friend Corey Potter always says, SEO is all about being the best choice. So, if you can use a video to show how you’re the best choice in search rankings, then it’s a great way to use YouTube.

Here are a few steps to improve YouTube ranking.

#1 Title- It is so critical to have an SEO friendly title. I use Charleston, SC Wedding Videographer on a wedding from Charleston, or Hilton Head Wedding Video. If I just used the couple’s names it wouldn’t have much of an SEO effect. Even without a million views, it can be effective. Notice Emma & Brian’s video is at #6 even though they only have 65 views. It’s the power of search on YouTube.

Hilton Head Wedding Video on YouTube


#2 Description – In the description, I try to include any long-tail keywords that might be searched for like “country wedding” or “barn wedding” expecting those keywords will weigh heavily on SEO. 

#3 Transcript – We use a lot of dialogue in our weddings. It’s very important that some or all of that dialogue is present in the description, or better yet, if you can transcribe all of the dialogue into text, then it can greatly improve your ranking. 

One last point about YouTube and Vimeo accounts. It is super critical that you use your own account and don’t rely on our Vimeo or YouTube channel for sharing your video. It gives you the ultimate flexibility in how you can use your video, and if I decide to change my channels for some reason, your video is not affected.

Here are a few other great ways of getting exposure for your video.

#1 Email lists. If you have a thriving newsletter with thousands of subscribers, it’s a great way to spread your video to many people at once. Be sure to ask them in the email to share the link (from your Vimeo or YouTube Channel) and use it as a celebration of an amazing thing, not advertising. 

#2 Website. This would seem like an obvious one, but embedding your video in a prominent spot on your website can sell to your prospective clients when you are sleeping. It’s an anchor spot for your video. When they click “About Me” the video should play and tell the story.  If there’s a blog, write an article about the experience of making it and what it means to you. 

#3 Local publications. Most local magazines and newspapers have an online element and are a great place to get exposure for your video. If the video is universally interesting enough, most local magazines and newspapers are happy to share. It’s very easy to craft an individual “press release” for each publication. Not to mention, trade publications are great for industry awareness.

#4 Public Performance. This one is not so obvious, but a party or fundraiser might be a great time to show your video. Again, it should have universal appeal, but the impact of seeing it in a large group can be very exciting and spur people to action.

#5 Local television news. Local TV news is another outlet for good stories. You have to walk a fine line with how much you’re selling or calling people to action, but TV is awesome for non-profits looking spread the word about a fundraiser. Most local news stations will have you on and run a 1-minute package. 

The Future.

There are tons of other video outlets I didn’t talk about. Mainly because I don’t use them. I haven’t used Instagram effectively but that’s a possibility for anything under 1 minute. VR is the future, but it’s also available now (and we can do it) it’s just a matter of finding the audience. If you have any questions about how to maximize your video exposure, then drop me an email or give me a call. It’s pretty much my obsession nowadays and I’d love to help.