Weddings-social distancing style

We’re looking back on some of our favorites – our favorite groomsmen, our favorite bridesmaids, even our favorite four-legged attendants! There are so many special moments we’ve captured in all our years of being invited to document one of the most important days in so many couples’ lives. Things have been very different and very strange recently, obviously, but we can’t imagine what it’s like for so many couples who have had their wedding plans upended by the pandemic.

For many, their date means something special – it’s the anniversary of the day they met, or it’s the date one of their grandparents got married, or it’s the only date between football and basketball season and they’re both huge sports fans and wouldn’t want their team to lose on their anniversary ever. We get it – these dates aren’t just pulled out of thin air. These plans are meticulously thought out. And now there’s uncertainty in a time where there should be nothing but joy for upcoming weddings.

We’ve had the pleasure of adding some socially-distant weddings to our repertoire, and Raychel and Tim’s wedding in June certainly did not disappoint. We were reminded of what’s important at a wedding – love. Their friends and family exuded joy and happiness at the joining of these two people so in love, and we had a blast documenting it, so they can look back on it and remember the love that surrounded them that day. Here’s a sneak peak at their big day.

Some couples are rescheduling their weddings and some are moving forward with socially distant weddings with fewer guests. For those continuing with a smaller wedding than they’d originally planned, it’s hard to look at your guest list that you’ve spent months agonizing over and trying to decide which people get to come and which have to miss out on your big day. Video-conferencing has become the go-to for most everything in the workplace, but it can have its advantages for weddings too – we’re already set up to document your wedding, why not let us help you live-stream your wedding for those on your lists who won’t be able to make it to your wedding? We know a wedding live-stream isn’t the same as being there in person, but it can help your loved ones be close to you on your big day.