We meet so many amazing people in our line of work who help to  make our job fun and enjoyable.  This is where we get to tell you all about some of our new favorite people!  Come on this journey with us as we introduce you to our fun and fabulous #CoutureCouples.

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Columbia Wedding | Walker + Alan
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Columbia Wedding | Walker + Alan


It all started with a single glass of wine on a blind date.  A blind date where Walker picked the place.  And it was only about a hundred yards from Alan’s house.  Call it fate.  Or destiny.  Or divine intervention.  Whatever you call it, know that it’s a beautiful match.  And now we’re here – […]

Columbia Wedding | Callie + George

So many things get better with age.  Wine and cheese and pretty much anything that comes on a charcuterie.  And love and bourbon.  The great thing about love and bourbon is that they’re both such individualized experiences.  You can be drinking the same bourbon as the person right next to you and have a completely […]

Columbia Wedding | Amber + Evan

In sickness and in health. For Amber and Evan, that part of their vows became important before either of them had the chance to promise it.

Anna & Taylor

The only things brighter than the necklaces, bracelets, and tambourines enjoyed be everyone at Anna and Taylor’s reception were their smiles.

Sarah & William

Sarah & William were surrounded with so many happy, smiling faces – and that’s how you should enter into your marriage, with joy and laughter.

Surround yourself with those who love you and care for you. Find those people who have a genuine love for life, and who want to share that joy with you. Basically, find your Spencer. And be sure to be someone else’s Spencer. Life is too short to not live it joyfully, and to not share it joyfully.


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