Wedding Video still image from Elizabeth & DJs Streaming wedding video

We are starting to see fewer DVDs going out the door for our wedding videos. Some people are still interested in DVDs, and we will do them, but this is an exciting time where we can deliver all videos online in great quality.

First question, why not DVDs they’re a standard right?

Well, they were a standard for a lot of years. There are a few basic issues with DVD delivery…

  1. DVDs are all standard definition. No matter how much quality you squeeze into shooting HD resolution, DVDs are always going to be Standard Def and therefore not as beautiful as the video could be.
  2. DVDs are difficult to maintain. A DVD will degrade over the years, and could someday become as difficult to play as a laser disk. It’s important to us that your kids and grandkids get to watch these videos in beautiful HD.
  3. DVDs have a limited playing time, so for longer features and ceremony edits, we have to limit what we offer sometimes.

So ,what do we do?

Here’s our solution. We build a custom delivery web page for every wedding. We’ve found that this is a great way to share your videos, and keep everything in the same place. We send your page to you with a password at first, so this is a great way to see your film for the first time. Once you love it, you can get the password removed and then share away!

Keri-Lynn & Andrew’s Wedding Film

Emma & Brian’s Wedding Film

Elizabeth & DJs Wedding Film


Streaming wedding video is the present not the future. The benefits of ¬†always having it online and mobile are future proofing your video so that it’s always there. Videographers take great care in preserving your legacy.