It is a pretty well-known fact that my wife Mary Grant is a South Carolina photographer. In fact, Mary was a photographer long before I got into doing videos in 2004. We have been involved in photographer groups in South Carolina since I can remember and I really love and understand photographers. What I find very interesting in looking at these two promo videos that we recently did is how similar Rachel Thompson-Moore and Sarah Goldman seem on paper, yet how different their videos turned out to be. As one of the few male members of the very popular Rising Tide Society, I really believe that a rising tide raises all ships. It’s so important that you let your personality come out in your marketing and these two South Carolina photographers are a great example of this. It’s all basically the same tools with the same few settings, but what determines the final product and allows these ladies to stand out is their eye. How they see the world, and how they decide to capture it is very individual and it’s cool to see that demonstration here. I would love to talk to more South Carolina photographers and let’s see how we can help your personality stand out in your marketing. Email me and let’s start that conversation.