Wedding Videography has changed completely. It’s amazing to me to look back over 11 years in business and see what we’re doing now compared to where we started. It’s not just that our skills have improved and our equipment has improved but I think what we’re doing now creates more value for our couples. When I first started doing wedding videography in 2005, what we did was just to be a fly on the wall and observe. We stayed out of the action. We stayed on the edges and just documented what was happening. Our videos were somewhere around 1.5hrs long in some cases. I knew even at that time that a change was coming to our business. I had seen videos from masters in our industry like David Robin, Jason Magbanua in the Phillipines, and the Von Lankens. It was over there, and far away from the Wedding Videos we had to do here in South Carolina. Then in 2010, I went to the WEVA convention in Orlando and saw Adam Forgione speak. It changed everything for me. I saw a way to frame a wedding like we had never done before. We could tell a story. We could give these families a way to truly share their story. The other thing that happened about that time was new camera equipment became available. We finally had the means to produce beautiful imagery on par with photography. It was beyond HD, it was like you were finally making a piece of art instead of just documenting an event. The path we’re on is an amazing journey at this point. We now approach a wedding looking for that personal touch. We want to know how you met, we want to know what makes you right for each other, we want to put that story together in a way that’s exciting. The reason we’ve started calling them wedding films, or wedding cinematography instead of just wedding videography is that ability to connect. We want people that don’t know you to be able to watch your film and feel that connection. Here are a few elements that set modern wedding videography apart. Better cameras – We can now shoot video in the darkest of scenarios. Candle lit ceremonies are perfectly fine! The imagery is up there with modern photography and no longer looks like video. Aerial Cinematography – Obviously within the limitations of safety we can get beautiful aerial shots of your venue and surrounding area. It’s so surreal to see your church or venue from the air. It adds so much visual impact. Story – One of the most important things that separate modern Wedding Videography is the ability to have freedom and flexibility in our storytelling. What you can see in the more modern form is that ability to take different parts of the day and contrast them to better illustrate the story. There are storytellers everywhere at a wedding whether it’s the toasts, what the pastor says during the ceremony, or interviews that we do ourselves. We focus on taking that story to a new level every time. Modern videos have personality, show quirks, and let the audience connect directly to the couple. This is the biggest thing that separates the new style from the old. Wedding videography has a reputation for being cheesy. It has a reputation for being unimportant in the budgeting and planning process. It has a reputation for being something that you won’t watch. I beg to differ in 2016. I encourage you to watch a few of our films. Take a look around out there, I gurantee there’s someone to fit your style. Wedding Videography has changed. It is no longer what you had in your mind. This is not your mother’s wedding video… If you’re looking for a wedding videographer, cinematographer, filmmaker in 2016 just keep these things in mind as you look.