We’ve captured over 300 weddings in the 15 years since our first wedding. With that many weddings under our belt, you’d think we’ve seen it all. We probably have, if we’re honest. But it never gets old. We love to see people in love. And we love to capture all those moments – big and small – that put that love proudly on display, not just for the world to see, but for each other to see. Because to those in love, their partner is the world. And we want to capture that love as best we can so that our couples have a reminder of what their love looked like at the beginning, so they can see how their love has grown and changed and matured over the years.

Can you have masks at a wedding without them being a distraction?

Throughout this pandemic, a lot of couples surely have been tested. Many are postponing their wedding, paring back their guest list and going forward with their plans with a smaller group of attendees, having a small ceremony and postponing their reception, or any number of other options. Catherine & Patrick are just one of many couples we’ve worked with making these decisions. They went through with their nuptials and it was an absolutely splendid day! Their only request? That we show guests in masks as little as possible – or at least make the masks as unobtrusive as possible. Take a look for yourself.

Patrick & Catherine’s *almost* maskless wedding video

Remember the smiling faces at your wedding, not the masks.

Of course there are a few shots where a mask or two are spotted, but they’re few and far between. What you see more than anything in Patrick & Catherine’s wedding video is the love these two share and how much fun they had on their wedding day. We enjoyed our time with them and know that this is the first of many fun and joyful memories these two will make. And they’ll have an interesting story as they grow older of how they got married during a global pandemic.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a huge thanks to the many people that helped make this a perfect day for Catherine & Patrick

Jessica Rourke | Wedding Planner

Seibels House + Garden | Reception Venue

Shandon Methodist Church | Ceremony Venue

Wesley’s Salon & Spa | Hair & Makeup

Honey River Catering | Reception Catering

Landon Jacob | Photographer

Reggie Sullivan Band | Reception Entertainment

Black Tie Bartending | Bar

Southern Valet |Shuttle

Fern | Florist

Crisp | Rentals

Parkland | Bakery