Livestreaming has become such a staple in today’s world. Not just as a workplace necessity, but as an integral part in staying connected to friends and family. It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new streaming app or site promising the best quality and the easiest livestream set up. Those sites and apps may be fine for a quick meeting with friends where internet lag isn’t really a deal-breaker or someone’s image pixelating for a few seconds is worth a few minutes of giggles. But what about when it really counts – your wedding day. We know you want to include everyone who’s made an impact on your life in your wedding, but, especially in today’s world, that isn’t always an option.

Love doesn’t stop

Many of our couples have made adjustments and continued with their wedding plans, like Raychel & Tim. They were married this summer when everything seemed uncertain. It was nice to watch two people so in love and certain in their future together.

Raychel & Tim’s wedding highlight film

Catherine & Patrick also made adjustments and continued on with their wedding back in August. They made sure to have safety measures in place, such as social distancing and masks, while still being able to celebrate their union.

Catherine & Patrick’s wedding highlight film

There are, however, some instances we’ve run into where there are some important guests who are unable to attend our couples’ weddings. The now obvious solution, of course, is livestreaming.

How can I get the best livestream for my wedding?

Many couples are taking on the task of livestreaming on their own. Many are hoping to find someone who’s done one or two livestreams that wants take on the task. Truth be told, we’ve been livestreaming for a while. Long before it became a daily occurrence. We had a couple ask us to livestream their wedding back in 2010 for a grandmother who couldn’t make it in person. We have a decade of experience livestreaming events, including weddings. We’ve been doing this long enough to work out the kinks in a livestream. Your wedding is such an important day, and we want to make sure everyone who wants to watch you get married is able to.

Lauren & Brad’s wedding at his family’s hay field

If we’re already there filming your wedding, why not have us livestream it for you too? There are so many people out there just starting out in livestreaming. We’ve got the experience to make it the best way for your loved ones to be there with you. A lot of our couples are taking this time to think of all the important people in their lives, and we’re glad to be able to help them celebrate the day – however they choose to do it.