Wedding Video blog post with Facebook engagement

I hear a lot of talk about how Facebook is useless for marketing. I guess that depends a good bit on your perspective. I have found a top top secret to making facebook work without paying for reach. Be Social!

If the intention of posting on Facebook is advertising, like in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, etc. Then you’re gonna fail. People on Facebook don’t want to be sold to. They want to share. They want to find cool things and show them to their friends. The amazing part of that is if you show them something really cool, like their wedding video as an example, they’re so excited about it that other people get excited too! The screen shot above is a blog post I did last week, so far we have organic reach of 2,170 people. What’s the ROI on that? Well, I spent nothing for it and I’m getting my work in front of Keri’s family and friends who are liking and sharing my content. Plus, Keri was a referral from a friend of hers and about a month later, I did another friends wedding (which I posted this week)

Charleston SC Wedding Video Facebook post with organic reach

So, what’s happening here? Do I have some kind of magic marketing formula? No. What I’m doing is being social on social media. I’m giving these great clients something awesome to share. Here are a few tips to get more organic reach on Facebook.

  1. Be social. If you show someone content that they are included in, they are more likely to share. Tag the people that were involved, the companies or friends that participated so we all can be proud of this cool thing we did.
  2. Be proactive. Ask the client to share. Be bold to say “Hey would you mind sharing this on your facebook?” That way it’s a direct endorsement and not an advertisement.
  3. Be involved. When people like or comment, respond to them. Once the client has shared it, you share it personally. You never know who’s watching. Your post can go locally viral very easily.
  4. Don’t expect direct ROI. This is the hardest thing when using social media for marketing. You can’t expect that any engagement is going to turn into a paying client. It’s a long term strategy. Consistency is the currency.
  5. Post your content directly to facebook. If you post images or video directly to facebook, you are likely to get more engagement than linking a video from vimeo or Youtube. It’s obvious Facebook likes it’s own players and you get rewarded for that.
  6. Boost when it’s all over. I have clients that spend 5 figures on TV advertising. A boost of $20 is a drop in the bucket and you’re likely to reach far more people, far more directly than a TV commercial.

Charleston SC wedding video facebook post with organic reach

And lastly, I hear from my friends that only do commercial video production that you can’t get organic reach on Facebook with business videos. Well, I say the same thing to them. Businesses are made of people, and if you encourage them to be social, they will act accordingly. Everyone wants to be proud of where they work, and facebook let’s them express that.

Columbia Fireflies video facebook post with organic reach

The last thing is that you have to have engaging content. Obviously, ┬áthat’s key. If I were to share a video from a wedding, even if it’s in a beautiful location like Charleston or the Cliffs at Glassy, and it’s not fun to watch and interesting, you just won’t get the engagement. But the bottom line is, to use social media effectively, you have to be social!