How much does it cost?

The way we do wedding video pricing is based on which final film you choose. We have two lengths of film that we focus on.

The Highlight Film  | 3100

A lot of our couples choose the highlight film because it’s just the right length to share your video with friends and family at 3.5 to 5 minutes. We use the same guiding principles for every film, we want you to laugh, we want you to cry, and we want to tell the world the truth about you as a couple. The highlight film is the most common film that our brides choose. It comes with your fully edited ceremony.







The Feature Film | 4350

Some couples choose a feature film because they want as much detail of their day included as possible. We take a slightly different approach to a feature film. We want more people telling the story, we sometimes decide to interview you or your family, and we generally spend a little more time on the wedding day to get it right. A feature film is usually 9 – 12 minutes and that length has a lot to do with what happens on the wedding day. We try to include all of the elements of your day in a feature so it feels totally complete like you relived the entire day in just a few minutes. The style has to do with the story we tell and that’s the exciting part. Just like everything else we do, we want you to be 100% thrilled and we won’t sleep until you are.


You also have the option to purchase RAW footage up to a year after the wedding. We typically come home with 3-5hrs of footage and audio so, for those of you that want to see everything, the option is there.

For Wedding Day events only it’s $300 and for full RAW footage it is $500.

Do you offer Instagram Video?

Instagram is one of the most common things we get requests for. We have started producing 60 sec versions of your highlight film for Instagram just this year. They are $300 extra, but what a cool way to share your video.


check us out on Instagram @cinemacouture

How do I receive my video and how long does it take?

At this point, we are not offering DVD delivery as a standard. There are several technical reasons for this, but mainly we find that most people are watching their videos online and DVDs are becoming a thing of the past. Also, DVDs do not provide a great quality image. It makes it hard for us to live up to our standards while providing DVDs.

However, for every wedding, we make these beautiful galleries that contain your wedding video. They are delivered to you first with a password and once you respond that you love it so much, we can release the password and you can share it with the world!





It takes about 1 month to deliver a highlight film and about 6 weeks to deliver a feature film. These times can vary a lot based on the time of year and how many weddings we are doing.

Can we choose the music?

We get this question frequently, and the answer in most cases is no. Let me explain why. In 2012 some very high profile wedding videographers got served copyright violation notices for using copyrighted music in their videos. What this means to you is that if we use a song that we don’t own a license for, it could get removed from the internet and result in 5 figure fines in some cases. We have access to a very good library of songs that we can use legally and then you’re free to share them wherever you want. In addition to that, we love the idea of providing you a unique soundtrack to your wedding film. I think it’s so important not to use Marry Me by Train over and over. It gives your film an authentic feel that we love to provide. Keep in mind that every video you’ve seen from us uses music we have chosen and if you don’t love it, we will absolutely change it. What we ask is that you trust us as filmmakers, and let us make these initial choices. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Will you shoot the rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely. Rehearsal dinner coverage is $750. We love covering rehearsals because we get some extra insight into your relationship, your friends, and your family. The toasts are usually much more laid back and we get some great content. If we cover the rehearsal dinner for you, we will provide an additional “long-form” video with all of the speeches.

Who’s this “we” you keep referring to?

I have a small team of Freelance shooters and editors I use to help keep things on track. You’ll probably meet Jonathan Palance or my wife Mary on the wedding day since they help me at every wedding.

In addition, there are several editors that work behind the scenes on making our vision come to life.

What’s the next step?

The next step is just to get in touch with me by the contact form below. We’ll respond right back (we’re really excited to hear from prospective couples) and we start to talk about your day and what we can do for you!


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