American Floral
My association with American Floral started many years ago with weddings. When Scott was gearing up for a rebrand, and new website he called on us to make a video for the new site.

The first thing we did, even though I had known them for a long time, is sit down and discuss the real value proposition. Where did they add value to the process beyond just providing flowers? What it really came down to was the dedication of Scott and his team to making whatever they’re involved in be as good as it can be. We found their story is about being involved in the lives of their clients. They take on floral projects like it was their own family. I think that comes out in the video because of the questions we asked in the interview and what we decided to focus our energy on.

This is what Scott had to say about the video…
“Bill can take your thoughts and direction to create a message with heart….that reaches people. Even commercials MAKE you feel the emotion !!
I have worked with them on weddings together, brides are always Blown away !! He did our company commercial ….I literally had a tear. Absolutely Amazing !!! “
Scott Jones – American Floral