Columbia Wedding | Walker + Alan

April 8, 2022

It all started with a single glass of wine on a blind date.  A blind date where Walker picked the place.  And it was only about a hundred yards from Alan’s house.  Call it fate.  Or destiny.  Or divine intervention.  Whatever you call it, know that it’s a beautiful match.  And now we’re here – a little more than a hundred yards from Alan’s house – celebrating Walker and Alan’s wedding.

It’s going well, and it will go well.

“I can tell you that it’s going well and it will go well because of all the confidence that you have placed in each other.  I can tell you that it’s going well and it will go well because of where and how you have rooted your relationship and your lives together.”

That is probably one of my favorite things that I’ve heard in a wedding ceremony.  “It’s going well, and it will go well.”  It says to me that things may not be perfect, but they’re not supposed to be.  Things are going well.  Life is going well.  There are good times and bad times and, instead of living in the extremes, you both are taking the good and the bad as it happens.  And you are living well.  No matter what happens, things are going well and they will continue to go well.

There’s such a lightness about the two of you – especially together.  You guys embody that sentiment – that it will go well.  You both have what it takes to meet life head on – together.  And it will all go well.

Columbia Wedding | Walker + Alan

Best wishes, Walker & Alan!

We wish you both all the best in the world!  You already have each other, and that’s a great start.  This is where I’d like to leave you both with some helpful advice or words of wisdom, but I can’t think of anything better than “it will go well.”  Love each other and laugh with each other and don’t forget to enjoy another perfect glass of wine with each other.  Best wishes to you both from all of us at Cinema Couture!

All is well, thanks to these superb vendors!

Venue: Magnolia Way

Planner: Alexandra Madison Weddings

Photographer: Courtney Price Photography

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