Columbia & Hilton Head Island Wedding | Chelsea + Tyler

March 31, 2022

So many plans changed in early 2020.  Just about everything was put on hold.  And for everyone planning a wedding, it was truly a confusing and stressful time.  Even the most well-thought plans with contingencies for everything didn’t stand a chance against the unknown that March 2020 brought.  But the one thing that couldn’t be put on hold was love.  Some of our couples postponed their weddings.  And some of our couples chose to move their weddings outdoors so they could socially distance.  Still, some forged ahead with their initial plans, just scaled back for now, until they could have a bigger celebrate at a later time.  Chelsea & Tyler are in the latter group.  They carried on with their wedding and planned an amazing celebration a year later.

A beautiful, intimate ceremony

Chelsea knew as soon as she set foot on UofSC’s campus that she would meet her husband there.  So it’s only fitting that they were married at Rutledge Chapel on campus.  Although it wasn’t the big celebration they’d planned, it was no less magical.  And there were definitely no dry eyes at the end of their ceremony.  They have so much love for each other, and everything that day captured it.

From the very beginning, as soon as Chelsea started walking down the aisle, Tyler was overcome with emotion.  And when Chelsea finally reached the end of the aisle, Tyler made sure to straighten out Chelsea’s dress because “it’s too pretty not to show.”  The love and care and attention to detail as he ensured she looks beautiful from all angles is what everyone looks for in a partner.

When he fixes your dress because “it’s too pretty not to show”.

And we’re always suckers for beautiful, thoughtful vows.  Especially when they involve back rubs and chocolate.  But in all seriousness, we are so grateful that we were able to capture the magic on their wedding day.  It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony full of love and joy in what was an otherwise confusing and stressful year.

And an anniversary to remember

A year after they were married, Chelsea & Tyler finally had the big party they planned for so long!  And what a way to celebrate a year of marriage!  And just because their 2021 ceremony was in Hilton Head doesn’t mean they left all their Gamecock gear at home.  Garnet and black runs through their veins and it’s where their love began.  So of course this ceremony was clad in garnet and black as well.  And what party isn’t complete without Sandstorm?  Honestly, that’s the kind of energy you want to bring to a marriage, if you ask me.

And while we’re asking… Are back rubs and chocolate still happening?

Forever to Thee, Chelsea & Tyler!

Chelsea & Tyler, there aren’t enough words for all the well wishes we’re sending your way.  We hope your love for each other is as strong and beautiful every day of your lives as it was on the day you got married.

Many thanks to these amazing vendors!

2020 Location: Rutledge Chapel, UofSC Campus

2021 Location: Harbour Town Yacht Club

Photographer: Joshua Aaron Photography

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