Columbia Wedding | Callie + George

March 23, 2022

So many things get better with age.  Wine and cheese and pretty much anything that comes on a charcuterie.  And love and bourbon.  The great thing about love and bourbon is that they’re both such individualized experiences.  You can be drinking the same bourbon as the person right next to you and have a completely difference experience than they have.  The same thing can be said for love.  And marriage.  It’s all in what you make of the experience. And Callie & George’s wedding was a beautiful experience.

Love & Bourbon

Callie & George’s Bourbon themed wedding may sound unexpected at first.  Until you really think about bourbon and how it relates to love and relationships.  There are so many ways to describe bourbon.  Sweet.  Warm.  Balanced.  All words that describe a great marriage.  Looking at it this way, it’s no wonder that bourbon was so central to Callie & George’s wedding.

Bottles of bourbon

“Marriage is like bourbon.  And bourbon is like the spiritual life.  In the end, it’s all about unity.  Marriage finds its fulfillment in the unity between two people.  Bourbon finds fulfillment through its oneness in an oak cask.  And our spirits find unity only in God himself.”

Throughout the ceremony, bourbon was used as an illustration for love and marriage.  Probably the most beautiful idea, to me, is that love, like bourbon, continues to mature over time.  It gets better with age.  And marriage is just the beginning of that process.  Love gets better with time and with age.  And I think we all hold a 50 year barrel aged bourbon with the same reverence as a 50 year wedding anniversary.  It’s that accumulation of time that makes both bourbon and love such a beautiful experience.

Love is like Bourbon | Callie + George

Cheers to the beginning, Callie & George!

Best wishes to you both!  Always remember that your marriage should be described like a good bourbon: sweet, warm, and balanced.  So be sweet to each other.  Warm your hearts with love each and every day.  And balance each other all the days of your life.  From all of us at Cinema Couture, we wish you both the most bourbon marriage.

Many thanks to these amazing vendors!

Ceremony: St. Peter’s Basilica

Reception: Junction 800

Planner: Amazing Moment Weddings

Photographer: Jessica Hunt Photography

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