Columbia Wedding | Amber + Evan

March 8, 2022

After more than a decade of capturing heartfelt moments and vows that move everyone to tears, you’d think we’ve seen it all.  But it doesn’t matter how many weddings you attend, you never see two weddings exactly the same.  The suits and dresses are different.  The vows are different.  Even the emotions are different.  Join us as we look back on Amber and Evan’s wedding, and be prepared to cry happy tears as we take you on this wave of emotions.

In sickness and in health

You see it in every rom-com – the promise to love someone in sickness and in health.  And you see it in most every wedding you go to.  For a lot of people, it means helping your partner get through a rough patch in their health – the flu or maybe a broken bone – as well as enjoying your partner’s company when they’re not suffering any health complication.  And a lot of times, people only see that vow as one they act upon after the wedding.  But for Amber and Evan, that part of their vows became important before either of them had the chance to promise it.

Amber was diagnosed with cancer.  Writing that sentence is hard, so I can’t imagine what it was like to hear it.  To feel that.  To know the uncertainty that goes along with those words.  Knowing the uncertainty of what is going to happen when you tell your friends and family – especially someone soon to become family.  The strength it took for Amber to be completely vulnerable in sickness is only matched by the strength it took for Evan to be completely there to love and help Amber in sickness.

In their vows, they both talked about what it was like for them when that diagnosis crashed into their lives.  But they also talked about the future.  How they will be moving forward.  Evan vowed to “be here with you and for you” as Amber vowed to “give you everything you’ve given me over the past five years.  And more.”   If nothing else, those vows show how strong their love and commitment to one another is.  There wasn’t a dry eye to be found by the end of their vows.  But the tears don’t stop there.

Amber’s surprise bridesmaid

Amber got quite the surprise after the ceremony.  One of Amber’s bridesmaids, her childhood friend, wasn’t able to make it to the ceremony.  But she was determined to be there at Amber’s wedding.  So wearing her bridesmaid dress and high-top sneakers, LA Aces Forward A’ja Wilson hopped on a plane after her game and surprised Amber while they were taking pictures before the reception.  Now that Amber’s bridal party was complete, she and Evan took to the dance floor to celebrate their union with ALL of their friends and family.

Columbia Wedding | Amber + Evan

Cheers to a long and healthy life, Amber & Evan!

We couldn’t be more humbled and grateful that you two chose us to document your love story.  It really is one for the ages!  We wish you both only the best that life can offer.  Cheers to a truly beautiful couple!

Special shout-out to these spectacular vendors!

Ceremony Venue: Bible Way Church of Atlas Road

Reception Venue: Pastides Alumni Center

Photographer: Creative Images Photography

Can’t get enough?

Can’t get enough of this amazing family?  We couldn’t either!  Last weekend we celebrated with them again as Amber’s sister, Jasmine, got married.  Check back soon to see Jasmine & Kenneth’s stunning wedding and head over to our TikTok to see more fun TikTok wedding clips!

Amber, Evan, Jasmine, Kenneth, Bill, & Gaël for wedding #2 with this fun family!

Contact us today and relive every beautiful, heartfelt, tear-jerking moment of your special day!

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