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November 4, 2021

Looking back on Morgan and Will’s wedding reminded me of a rhyme that many women know by heart by the time their wedding day arrives: Something old, something new.  Something borrowed, something blue.  For lots of young girls dreaming of their wedding day, this little rhyme is a checklist that they spend years perfecting.  I’m not sure what Morgan’s version of this checklist was for her wedding day, but we think it went something like this:

  • Old friends to celebrate with.
  • New family to create memories with.
  • Borrowed spaces (we’ll get to this one in a minute).
  • Blue accents all around – from jewelry to bridesmaids’ dresses to the band’s drums.  Even a lot of their guests were in on the blue attire memo!
Morgan & Will Highlight Film

Something Old, Something New

This seems like a given – old friends to celebrate with and new family to create memories with.  But they really are some of the most important things, in my opinion, when it comes to celebrating a marriage.  Those old friends have seen you through some of your best and your worst times.  They’ve been with you through laughter and tears, late nights and early mornings.  They’ve helped shape you into the person you are today.  And they’re here to celebrate you and have fun with you on one of the biggest days of your life.

New family is everyone from your new in-laws that you’ve no doubt at least had a few meals with to your new spouse’s second cousin once removed that they play yard football with every Thanksgiving and everyone in between.  They get to see you two grow as a family unit.  You’re still going to join in that yard football game every Thanksgiving, but you’re also going to create new traditions to pass down to future generations.  These are the people that get to help shape who you and your new spouse become as a family unit.  And they’re here to help welcome you to the family!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Finally getting back to that “borrowed spaces” item on the checklist.  Morgan and Will borrowed a page out of Will’s parents’ book in choosing their venue.  They said their vows in the same cathedral as Will’s parents.  And if that’s not storybook romance, I don’t know what is.  They’re always going to have this shared connection and shared memories of each of their families beginning in the same spot.  Having that kind of legacy and connection tied to your marriage is so special, and we love that Will’s parents let Morgan and Will “borrow” such a special place to them.

On to the something blue.  Traditionally, the “something blue” part of the rhyme stands for love and fidelity.  I don’t know if that’s why Morgan chose blue for her wedding, but I like to think that the love each of her bridesmaids – her closest friends and confidants – is as true blue and their beautiful dresses.  And I like to think that the blue pin on Morgan’s bouquet shows not just her love and fidelity for Will, but their love and fidelity to each other and for their new family unit.

Best Wishes, Morgan and Will!

Congratulations Morgan and Will! We wish you everything great as you start building a life and a family together!  We’d wish you a lifetime of love, but a lifetime doesn’t seem long enough.  So from all of us at Cinema Couture, we wish you both an eternity of love!

Many thanks to this dream team of vendors!

Planner: Jessica Rourke 

Photographer: Ashley Seawell Photography

Ceremony Venue: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Reception Venue/Catering: Forest Lake Club

Cake: Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Rentals: Crisp Event Rentals

Floral: Fern Studio Flowers

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