Be a Spencer – spark joy in life and love

February 4, 2021

There’s so much to think about when planning your wedding; you’ve got to pick out your venue, your photographer, your videographer, your caterer, your florist, your DJ or band…and the list goes on and on. But one of the most important things is who you want standing next to you on your big day. And lets be honest – you’ve probably known who you want to stand by you long before you knew you’d met your soulmate. Sometimes it’s not even a conscious decision. You just kind of know. Whether those standing beside you are friends you’ve known for 2 years or 20, it just feels right.

There’s a trend on the rise of grooms having “groomsmaids” and brides have “bridesmen”, and we are 100% here for it! Who’s to say your closest friends have to be the same gender as you? Who says there should be limitations on friendship? We think its important to be surrounded by those who love you.

OK, but who’s Spencer?

One of our more recent weddings introduced us to quite possibly the most fun bridesman we’ve ever seen! It’s not hard to see why he was chosen to stand alongside the bride and the rest of the “bride tribe”. Spencer is fun and genuine and cares so much for his friend, and it shows! From his Taylor Swift speech to his entrance into the reception and everything in between, his personality really came through. Spencer is most definitely the “hype man” of the group, and he makes sure that everyone around him is having a good time.

Find your joy

It doesn’t matter on which side of the aisle he stood, he was next to his best friend. He clearly cares for her and wants the best for her. That’s really all you should ask for from those who stand by you when you marry your soulmate. Surround yourself with those who love you and care for you. Find those people who have a genuine love for life, and who want to share that joy with you. Basically, find your Spencer. And be sure to be someone else’s Spencer. Life is too short to not live it joyfully, and to not share it joyfully.

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  1. Tina Lewis says:

    Great article! I do know Spencer and he truly is a joy!
    Thanks for the great advice!

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