Love your new beginning

January 18, 2021

This has been quite a year. You’ve been faced with a lot – you’ve overcome all the obstacles and you’ve defied the odds. Your love is stronger than ever because of what this year has been. We thought we’d seen it all. And then 2020 hit. It seems like all we keep talking about is 2020 and how it’s changed not just how we work and how we live, but also how we help you, our couples, celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life.

Beginning through adversity

But we think there’s something to be said for adversity. There’s so much that we’ve all dealt with recently, and so many couples are building their lives together in the biggest challenges we’ve seen in our lifetime. And it’s admirable to bravely continue forward without knowing what the future holds. But it’s easier when you have your best friend at your side. So we know why our couples are carrying on with their plans to begin their lives together.

They say love is patient; love is kind. It’s also important to remember that love is leaning on each other for strength; love is helping each other through adversity. Love is knowing that life doesn’t always go your way but continuing on in search for better times. Love is beginning your life together knowing that you’re going to make it no matter what happens. No matter what life and the world throws at you.

Beginning your story

This year has shown all of that and so much more. And you did it – you have defied the odds and you let your love grow that much stronger. These are the moments you’ll want to look back on and reflect on. And these are the memories that you’ll relive when times aren’t that great to remind you of all you’ve already survived together. This is the year your story begins. Contact us so we can help you make your memories last!

This is where your story begins

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