“Normal” weddings are overrated

August 7, 2020

Times are weird right now. We’re not even going to use the phrase “the new normal” because, let’s be honest, we don’t want to do “normal”. We want to do fun or exciting or different, but never normal. Normal is boring – it’s overrated. And right now, we’re finding a lot of creative ways to stay socially distant at one of the most intimate gatherings in someone’s life. It’s great to see brides and grooms taking this all in stride and coming up with some new and interesting ways to still celebrate one of life’s milestones.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen line the perimeter of the sanctuary, enveloping friends, family, and the bride and groom in love
The best close-up shots come from a distance anyway. Trust us on that one.

Some couples have decided to postpone their nuptials until they can safely gather in the way they’d always dreamed of; some couples have decided to have a small ceremony now with a big reception later when it’s safe to party with all their friends; and some are moving forward with their plans, adjusting as they go. We know that making that decision comes after a lot of thought and careful consideration, and we know it’s not easy. Whatever route our couples take, we’re glad to be on this journey with them.

Moving forward

For those moving forward as planned – or mostly as planned – we’re still struck by how beautiful these moments are. Even socially distant, Shandon Methodist Church was full of love at Catherine & Patrick’s wedding this past Saturday. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen lined the perimeter of the sanctuary with the beautiful couple and their family firmly enveloped in the center – it is such a wonderful representation of how those friends that you make family are always there to love and support you, even from afar.

Socially distant, but still a room full of love
Socially distanced wedding, but still a room full of love.

After witnessing such an outpouring of love, we decided we needed to share some love too – especially for the amazing people we had the pleasure of working with at this wedding. Jessica Rourke is phenomenal and planned a fantastic event! We had the most amazing time working with her – she made the day run so smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for anything more! Photographer, Landon Jacob, is able to capture essence of each and every couple, and it was such a pleasure to work with a fellow storyteller.

Taking a quick second for a selfie
We work with some pretty stellar professionals!

Normal is boring. We do fun. Fun is new. Let’s embrace fun new stuff!

We’ve done a few socially distanced weddings since the beginning of Coronavirus, and we are continuing to learn fun, new ways to do what we love doing. For those couples facing the decision to postpone their wedding, to continue on with their plans in the hopes that everything will work as planned, or to take it day-by-day and see what magic can happen, we hope that everything is as magical as you’ve always dreamed! And here’s to hoping you don’t make the same mistake we did and show up wearing the same outfit as someone else at the wedding.

Bill & Andrea showed up wearing the same thing to a wedding
When you show up to a wedding and you’re wearing the same outfit as someone else.

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