Our Favorite Wedding Cakes Across the Carolinas

June 25, 2020

I ya ya ya ya ya keep on hoping we’ll eat [wedding] cake by the ocean. Check out the video above to see our favorite wedding cakes across the Carolinas!

What Makes a Wedding Cake Special?

The wedding cake is something that we look forward to seeing at every wedding, because they’re always so different from the last. Let us break it down for you on what a killer wedding cake can bring to your wedding. 

The Cake Can Carry the Theme 

The wedding cake is often an element that gets pushed to last on a couple’s planning list, but it can reflect personality so much more than you would think.

For example, we recently filmed a wedding at 701 Whaley that had a very contemporary-art vibe. The couple decided on a small, hand-iced cake with colored brush strokes that looked like an abstract painting. The cake was completely in line with the theme and looked amazing in all of the photos and video.

Personality Personality PERSONALITY! 

While we’ve filmed plenty of traditional wedding cakes, there are several couples that we’ve seen choose sculpture cakes. Sometimes this is for the rehearsal dinner cake, or a groom’s cake, but nevertheless sculpture cakes are a wedding showstopper for sure.

In our favorite wedding cakes across the carolinas video we included one of our favorites from last year, Caroline and Will’s Disney World Cake. The cake feature little fondant figurines of the couple with their dogs on a Gamecock golf cart!

Remember it Forever

We know that choosing a wedding cake can be a big decision. At Cinema Couture, we’ll be sure to capture every single detail of it! 

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