Our Best Times with the Bride Squad

June 17, 2020

Squad up!

I’m ready to PAAAAAARRTTTYYY (with the best of ‘em). Having the girls there for you on your big day is a must in the world of weddings. More often than not, the bigger the squad, the better! Check out the video above of Our Best Times with the Bride Squad!

One of our favorite parts of the day to film is the pre-wedding makeup/hair sesh with the girls. You might even see some tears, happy of course (make sure you take it easy on those mimosas though). We love seeing a bridal party hype up the bride and make her feel like an 11/10 on her special day.   

Having a bride tribe also allows for another first-look opportunity when it’s time for the bride to reveal her dress. This makes for great photos/videos and you’ll love getting to rewatch your friends’ faces light up as they see you in your dress for the first time!

We see a lot of brides do a first look with their grooms too but for those looking to stick to a more traditional route. Doing a first look with the girls can be a good alternative if you love the idea of a first look but don’t want the groom to see you until the ceremony.

Having the girls by your side on the wedding day is one of the best parts of a bride’s wedding day. We’ll be sure to capture all of our best times with the bride squad so that you’ll never forget it…just don’t let it turn into a female fight club or anything. 

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