Our highlight films are a high energy, exciting way of reliving the wedding day in just a few short minutes. Our guiding principles apply. We want you to know the couples in our films. We want you to laugh, to tear up, and get excited about someone else’s wedding! Take a look, a listen, and you’ll see the difference…

Anna & William

We met Anna through William’s cousin Keri. We met Keri through her friend Courtney. This is what I love about our business. We get to see all of these friends get married and become like part of the family. These two had been together since High School and you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at them. They were so in love. Church | Shandon UMC Reception | Forest Lake Club  Wedding Planner – Flowers | Cricket Newman Designs Photography | Joshua Aaron Photography

Carolyn & Jason

Carolyn calls Hilton Head her happy place. This was a beautiful October wedding with a wonderful sunset on the golf course. Carolyn had been coming to Hilton Head with her family since she was a child and Jason has grown to love it too. It’s great to really get to know these families and see compatible couples like this week after week. Venue| Colleton River Plantation Photographer | RIM Photography 

Genni Lib & Trevor

Wavering Place Plantation is one of those wonderful southern gems. It sits far away from the highway and when you’re there, you’re taken back to another time. The light happening during this ceremony was truly special. It was great to see these families blend and get along so well. Venue | Wavering Place Photographer | Mayflie Photography Wedding Planner-Flowers | Cricket Newman Designs

Rachel & Matt

We met Rachel through a previous bride Courtney. This was a beautiful day in Charleson. We must have made it to 5 different locations for portraits. It’s amazing taking these beautiful people around a beautiful city like this. The good part is that as beautiful as they are, Rachel & Matt are super goofy. That’s my favorite kind. Venue| Historic Rice Mill Photographer | Nuvo Images

Virginia & Nick

Nick Riley is the third sibling that we’ve worked with in his family starting all the way back in 2007. It’s so great to have these families coming back to us and developing a real relationship like this. Nick & Virginia met in law school and they didn’t like each other at first. It was just one of those loves that developed over time. We see so many times that couples are opposites and here we have a prosecuter and a defense attorney got married. Also, I think she looks like Julia Roberts. Venue | Timberrock at Hopkins Farm Photographer | Angela Zion Photography Band | Men of Distinction


We take all of the elements of your wedding day and create a short film that is engaging, exciting and tells your story; the way it should be told. We use our vast experience with weddings to find those stories and the storytellers are in your life. There is no more complete way of capturing who you are at this time in your life and preserving history. Notice how much you get to know the couples in these films. We are not just documenting your wedding day. We’re making a wedding film…

Amy & Taylor

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful couple than Amy & Taylor. We actually didn’t get to meet them until the rehearsal dinner. And, boy were we stunned! Not only a gorgeous venue with the Westin Hilton Head, but these two are so in love and so rooted in the lord. It’s inspiring to see these two close families come closer to each other. There are some weddings that inspire us, and this is one of them. We also got to meet Mari Pillmore and work with her for the first time, which was so awesome. Venue | Westin Hilton Head Island Wedding Planner | Spencer Special Events Photographer | Captured by Mari

Morgan & Jay

We get the privilege of working in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Some of which are in our own back yard like Palmetto Bluff. This little community right outside of Hilton Head, SC is a paradise. It’s so calming to drive down the tree lined entrance like your troubles are melting away.  Morgan & Jay are one of those great couples to work with. So calm, so happy to be there. Throw in an amazing location and a great vendor team and this is a perfect day. Not to mention this couple got featured in Style me Pretty! That’s pretty awesome. Venue | Montage at Palmetto Bluff Wedding Planner | Spencer Special Events Photographer | Ashley Seawell

Emma & Brian

Wedding days like this are the best. It’s a perfect combination of beautiful bride, laid back church, great direction, and a cool photographer. All of it just works together and helps us create a great film. Emma & Brian and their families came all the way down from Pittsburgh to Hilton Head for this wedding. We started our day at the Westin and ended at Port Royal clubhouse. It was an added bonus of the craziest reception we’ve seen in a long time. These guys partied hard! Venue | Port Royal Clubhouse Wedding Planner | Spencer Special Events Photographer | Ashley Seawell


Instagram films are the fastest growing trend for us. We started adding them last year, and love doing these quick 1 min videos as a teaser before your film comes out. We deliver them to you on a google drive and you can upload them right to your Instagram feed. The add-on to either highlight film or feature film is $300. Check these out and let us know if you’re interested  in sharing your wedding on Instagram.
Here’s a breakdown of pricing and info… www.cinemacouture.com/how


Your friends and family think you’re great together. You have dogs that you raise like children. You laugh more together than when you’re apart. We look for couples that are madly in love. They have this crazy world swirling around them and all they want is to be married to each other. It’s a pretty simple and classic story really. We look for those great relationships in your life. Those people that have brought you together. The ups and downs of a wedding day make for great storytelling. Your story deserves to be told. Let’s tell it.


We are Cinema Couture. We are here to knock your socks off! We have filmmakers and editors on our team with a single focus to make the right wedding film for you.

This is not a “one size fits all” type of process. We take every wedding as its own project. The name Couture means one of a kind, custom made for you.

The most important thing to understand about our process is we guarantee you’ll be blown by your final film, no matter what. We won’t rest till you’re deliriously happy.


I’ve been in the wedding business for over 10 years. That means I’ve seen almost everything, and can make a great wedding film in every scenario.

I’ve worked in restrictive churches, in the pouring rain, on beaches with 20 mph winds, and absolutely nothing phases me. Working with us is so easy and comfortable, it’s like we’re old friends.


I have a singular commitment: you will love your film!

Our team makes it our commitment, whether it’s in production on the wedding day or in editing weeks after that your film must be right.

I bring all of my years of technical expertise as well as experience with hundreds of couples to bringing you a film that’s right for you. And we stop at nothing to make sure it’s the best that it can be. Ask any couple that’s worked with us, and they will tell you what it has meant to them. 


The way we set pricing for our films is based on the final edit. Here’s the way it works.

For our Highlight Films which are 3:30 to 5:00 on average, the price is $3400 

For our Feature Films which are 8:00-10:00 on average, the price is $4650

With either film we give you the full ceremony as well as the major events of the reception.

We deliver everything to you on a beautiful website, and all files are downloadable.

See here for all of the details… www.cinemacouture.com/how

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