What we do is listen. We can listen to you for a very short time in a brief or an interview and understand right away how to approach your story. This isn’t marketing. This is focusing your brand story so it’s engaging, entertaining, visually beautiful, and makes an impact on the audience. Your brand story isn’t just about what you do, it’s about who you are and why…

The Greystone Inn

One of the best parts of our work is getting to experience places like The Greystone Inn. We approached this video very differently. Usually we start with a script and then develop the visual elements from there. In this case, we did our shoot first and wrote the script around our experience. Check it out at

Southern Way Catering

It’s the Southern Way. That means something to them. It’s the way they approach everything.  They have been a force in the event business in South Carolina for many years. We wrote the script with them and were able to use footage from weddings and corporate events we’ve worked on together. Check them out at

Heathwood Hall

It’s been remarkable to work with such a fiercely dedicated group of educators and meet these amazing kids. Everyone we talk to is impressive and their focus on developing the whole child is inspiring.

United Way of the Midlands

We started this relationship in 2015, and have created so many great films with their marketing team. This is an ideal collaborative relationship and they bring us exactly the kind of brand story projects that we love.

Find the entire portfolio of  work we’ve done with United Way of the Midlands here…

United Way Portfolio

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Coldwell Banker approached us in the fall of 2016 to create some TV spots for them. Now, TV commercials are not typically our bread and butter, but we loved the concept so we jumped in headlong and are creating a series of spots for their different markets in Columbia, Charlotte, and Charleston.

American Heart Association

It’s so heartbreaking to hear these stories of families losing children to Heart Disease. It’s also very uplifting to be able to do even a small part in helping them raise money and awareness. 

Make A Wish Foundation

We’ve been so inspired by our work for Make a Wish. This is an organization of dedicated, amazing people who give without compromise. This is a video we created for their Wish Ball this year. It’s such a privilege for us to work with these families that have gone through so much but still remain so giving. Volunteer or donate at



Community Events

We are always so excited to participate in events that enrich our community. Many of our non-profit clients will invite us to cover events for them to help raise money or just simply showcase what they’re doing like Midland’s Gives or The Gervais Street Bridge Dinner. On the other hand, there are those massive, long-running, successful events like St. Pat’s in Five Points that are just awesome to be around.


We are Cinema Couture. Our goal is for you to reach your audience.

The key to that is the way we tell your brand story. The film should be beautiful, meaningful, and should hit your potential audience in the heart.

Our process starts with getting to know you and what you’re about. We want to understand why you’re here and what you would want to tell the world if you had a chance. Then once we have this amazing video that you really believe in, we help you figure out how to share it with the world and make the most of the few minutes of attention you can get from people.

Couture means custom made. We specialize in brand storytelling. That is who we are.


Our process isn’t for everyone.

We want clients that don’t have to hide behind marketing speak and statistics. We want clients that are focused on the long game and interested in building a great marketing foundation.

We work very well with non-profits because of the wealth of stories they have. But we also love working with small businesses that have a great foundation of passion and hard work to tell the world about.


Our films start at $2500 and it depends completely on how many shoot days it takes us to get the story. On average our clients invest $4200 on their film.


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