Wedding highlight films are a high energy, exciting way of reliving the wedding day in just a few short minutes. Our guiding principles apply. We want you to know the couples in our films. We want you to laugh, to tear up, and get excited about someone else's wedding! Take a look, a listen, and you'll see the difference...

Erin & Steve

Here's what Erin said when we delivered the film...

"This is incredible!!!  Embarrassingly I cannot watch it without crying the happiest of tears.  Thank you so much for capturing our day!

Your professionalism, attitude, good-nature, kindness--before the wedding day, on the wedding day, and as evidenced by the finished product. You guys are the real deal!!! Honestly, it was the best money that we spent on the wedding. "

Erica & Wes

 Here’s what Erica said when she got her film…

“Oh I love it Bill!! Thank you so much!!! Yes, I’d love to share it!

You nailed it, I can’t stop watching it. Thank you Thank you”

Lyndey & Peyton

Here's what Peyton said when we delivered the film...

"Wow Bill.  This is absolutely incredible.  Seriously. I have nothing but amazing things to say about you and Jonathan.  Please send all prospects to me and I will sway them very easily. You guys were most likely the best money we spent.  I’m so glad we didn’t pass on the opportunity."

Erin & Jordan

 Here's what Erin said about the experience...

"Hey!!!! Yes, it is so amazing!! It moved me to tears.  I'm so incredibly happy with how beautiful it is. Y'all did an absolutely amazing job!!! Thank y'all so so so much!! I FaceTimed my mom last night so she could watch it and she loved it!! I've watched it so many times and it makes me so happy each time. So how do I get to post it? Gotta brag on how great y'all are. "

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